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     The "Greek Centaurs" Horseback Archery School treats the Horseback Archery objective as an instinctual parameter both in teaching and in practical application.

     For our School, both equestrian and archery activity are rooted in the horseback archer's instinct and that means the leading role of "internal vision" rather than eyesight, which is one of the five accepted senses.

     This 'a priori' approach, since the beginning of our School's operation was the "spark" of our orientation and an Archery guilt-free of vision, a sense that is considered the key to sports and martial arts that presuppose aiming.

     With the nearly... "taboo" preceding of the physical vision of the shooter in all kinds of Shooting worldwide, Archery as such was based on (external) human vision thus eliminating the "internal" (the instinct) which constitutes the real strong advantage of all creatures.

      The practical experimental research of the School of "Greek Centaurs" within the ten, almost, years of systematic function, identified and synthesized all these elements synthesizing a conclusion: As an able-bodied Archer should be based on intuition (inner "vision") so could a blind man, deprived of physical sight shoot with accuracy based on his instinct and not only...

     If the Archer who has natural vision with Instinctual Archery improves his instinct, the blind Archer with Archery which is for him necessarily instinctive, improves the instinct itself which is for him the main "raft" of every day survival.

    Thus, we the "Greek Centaurs" emphasize on the field of the Blind Archers School that operates within our main School seeking to stand with those fellow humans who for various reasons, were deprived of their natural vision.

     Might be added that the absolute definition of "vision" remains unclear even for science, with blurred limits not managing yet to adjudicate on this with precision.

     So, experimenting at firing range, we found that the heart of education for blind Archers is the relationship: SOUND in relation to DIRECTION (source of the sound) via the TIME COURSE OF SOUND (target distance), clearly identified by the sound of, responsive, well-aimed impact of the arrow on the target.

     This means that the target, in the case of the blind Archers' education, should emit from the exact centre a distinct sound towards the student who will, gradually, improve the accuracy of his shooting by estimating both direction and distance.

     Apart from the reference to the substance of the blind Archers' education, many more could be mentioned on technique, but this will be the subject of a subsequent monograph which is being prepared by the school of "Greek Centaurs."  What should be noted at present, except what was previously stated are the increased security measures in the Firing Line, so movement and exercise of blind learners would exclude any sort of accident.

   The blind Archers Schools of "Greek Centaurs" began operating in Greece (Kalamata) from February 2016 on the initiative of Athanasios Psoromytis, one of the oldest members of our team and the operation of the corresponding School in Athens is already being planned, as part of the "Greek Centaurs".




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